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Why Mutual Funds are considered the best way to start investing?

When it comes to investments, investors are spoiled by choices, right from equities to gold, bonds to fixed deposits, money market instruments to government securities, or a combination of all of them. Each of them carries their own set of benefits and limitations. Selecting the right combination depends a lot upon an individual’s risk appetite and his return expectation.

You could buy them individually. However, to own a diversified portfolio consisting of individual stocks & bonds and also, to properly monitor and track all of them, a large amount of money, storehouse of knowledge, and a commitment of time and energy are required, which the majority of you just don’t have. Investment in mutual funds might help you in overcoming these limitations.

Mutual funds invest in one or a combination of the above-mentioned investment avenues. These are professionally managed investment schemes that enable you to invest in a diversified assortment of securities that are managed by proficient and experienced fund managers, who are specially trained for managing money. As an investment avenue, mutual funds are quite safe when compared to direct investment in stocks or bonds. For investing in mutual funds, you don’t even need a Demat account. The only thing you need is your KYC verified PAN Card.

There are numerous other advantages of investing in mutual funds. Mutual funds help in portfolio diversification, planning for financial goals, managing investment risk, and many more.

There are number of mutual funds schemes are available from different fund houses. You need to invest in the right scheme with discipline approach best suited to your risk profile. The best part about Mutual Funds is that no matter what your financial goal is, you can find an appropriate scheme for it. Mutual Funds are a one-stop shop for practically all investment needs.

Invest through us in mutual fund that help you to achieve your financial goals at optimum risk.

We, at Identity Investments work with an objective of achieving capital appreciation to our client money invested through us in medium to long term period. We strive to achieve this objective by

  • helping investor in research based active mutual funds,
  • periodically realigning client’s mutual fund portfolio proactively in a changing market condition,
  • managing client’s mutual fund portfolio by applying strategic mix of various asset class thereby providing diversification to client’s portfolio.
  • helping investor in setting their financial goals and goal-based investments planning
  • deep rooting client’s investments for future wealth creation in such a way that it minimises the risk for holding it in long run.
  • by keep updating client about various investment opportunities for short, medium- and long-term financial planning.
  • at the same time insuring client’s life, health and other general risks to ensure safety of their family’s financial goals.

Get Started investing in Mutual Fund

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